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Re: setup.exe improvements

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From: "Ehud Karni" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2000 1:41 AM
Subject: setup.exe improvements

> While working on my ncurses problems I noticed the following problems
> with setup.exe.
> 1. setup.exe would not let you load the source of a package if you
>    have already loaded the current version of the package (without
>    the source). Even uninstalling the package would not help.
>    I solved it by doing the ftp myself, after looking at setup.log,
>    but it is not straight forward (I did not install the source, I
>    just used Emacs to browse the tar.gz without unzipping it).
> 2. Chris Faylor always requests us to download from a mirror site and
>    I obey. I think setup.exe can benefit if the mirrors list would be
>    enhanced with 2 additions: The first will be the "update" status of
>    the mirror site (it seems some mirrors are "more" up to date than
>    others). The second will be the net speed of the mirror site (the
>    mirror I used was dripping a mere 2-3 KB/S).
> Ehud.
Removal of the line in /etc/setup/installed.db is the usual and frequently
discussed way to provoke setup to repeat that part of the installation.  I
find it convenient enough that I use it as the way to switch back to the
standard version after using my modified version.

I can't imagine that many people would have available a connection which is
fast and reliable enough to repeat a full internet installation.  Our local
phone company throttles downloads to 26k, and we just went through a week of
barely being able to read e-mail.  We're not exactly out in the sticks
either; a few of my co-workers used to work at the main Microsoft campus and
have not moved their residence.  The present cygwin setup is heads and
shoulders above anything comparable; I have spent 8 hours of phone time
trying to get Netscape and concluded that they just don't intend to make
that feasible for those of us in dial-up only locations.

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