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RE: cdrecord: Anyone built under Cygwin?

cdrecord and utilities are available from

Look for recent (alpha) releases in

If you'd rather grab a cygwin binary package, look here:

I've been using both a recent binary (from
and a recent source dist (cdrtools-1.10a05.tar.gz). There should be a
cdrtools-1.10a06 available now. 

There was a minor glitch making cdrtools-1.10a05; I can't recall exactly
what, but I think the problem was that 'make install' didn't work.

The only real problem that I've experienced is about funny permissions

Kind regards
Peter Ring

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Sent: 17. november 2000 21:58
Subject: cdrecord: Anyone built under Cygwin?


I saw a few posts regarding cdrecord and thought I'd try to build it. Using
the cdrecord-1.9 source code, it fails looking for Windows32/Base.h and
several other header files. I'm currently running 1.1.1 but looking at an
old machine that has B20.1 installed, I see that those files used to be
included in the distribution.
Here's an example of the problem code:


#ifdef  __CYGWIN32__

 * NOTE: Base.h has a second typedef for BOOL.
 *       We define BOOL to make all local code use BOOL
 *       from Windows.h and use the hidden __SBOOL for
 *       our global interfaces.
#define BOOL    WBOOL           /* This is the Win BOOL         */
#define format  __format
#include <vadefs.h>
#include <Windows32/Base.h>
#include <Windows32/Defines.h>
#include <Windows32/Structures.h>
#include <Windows32/Functions.h>
#undef format

By the way, when I did a search of cdrecord in, I got no matches.
But that's a different problem. Right now I'm just trying to compile the
cdrecord package.

If anyone has managed to get this to work, I'd be interested to know how
they did it.


--Kevin Wright

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