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setup.exe improvements

While working on my ncurses problems I noticed the following problems
with setup.exe.

1. setup.exe would not let you load the source of a package if you
   have already loaded the current version of the package (without
   the source). Even uninstalling the package would not help.
   I solved it by doing the ftp myself, after looking at setup.log,
   but it is not straight forward (I did not install the source, I
   just used Emacs to browse the tar.gz without unzipping it).     
2. Chris Faylor always requests us to download from a mirror site and
   I obey. I think setup.exe can benefit if the mirrors list would be
   enhanced with 2 additions: The first will be the "update" status of
   the mirror site (it seems some mirrors are "more" up to date than
   others). The second will be the net speed of the mirror site (the
   mirror I used was dripping a mere 2-3 KB/S).


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