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Re: ncurses/terminfo problems

Thomas Dickey wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 02:58:13PM -0500, Charles S. Wilson wrote:
> >
> > extern NCURSES_EXPORT(type, funcname) (args....)
> > extern NCURSES_EXPORT_VAR(type) varname
> hmm - is that for mapping to native dll stuff, or part of cywgin's dll
> support?  

it's for mapping to native dll stuff.

> (I thought all of that overly-precise specification was discarded
> long ago since it's too cumbersome for practical use -- except of course on
> win32...)

yep. but we're on win32.

> why isn't 'extern' part of the macro, btw?

because I also had to edit the various scripts, like
ncurses/tinfo/MKnames.awk which defines macros based on other macros:

  #define DCL(it) NCURSES_EXPORT_VAR(IT) it[]

However, DCL(it) is used in the file which **defines** the variables,
not merely in the files which **declare** the variables.  So, you can't
use 'extern' there.

Actually, I originally DID define NCURSES_EXPORT... with 'extern' but
had to remove it (and put it BACK into all the source files from which
I'd removed it) for this reason.

> > Yes, it would be better to fix up
> > libtool/autoconf/automake/ etc.  I'll get to that
> > -- this is just a first step.
> ;-)
> > If you are interested in absorbing the *first* patch for ncurses-5.3,
> > I'll gladly submit it and get the paperwork for FSF copyright assignment
> > filled out...and I'll verify that it doesn't break anything on Linux
> > (Solaris, HPUX) if you like.
> Maybe - the first thing that pops into my head is how it impacts
> lib_gen.c (I assume that still works).

Yes, I had to munge up lots of the scripts to get things right.  *That*
is only part I'm worried about whether it still works on Linux &etc.  (I
*think* it should be okay -- since, in this context,

Scripts affected:



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