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Re: OpenGL packaging

--- Andre Bleau <> wrote:
> Larry Hall <> wrote:
> >Its wrong only in the context of setup.exe.  It's designed to handle
> >installations into /usr, not /usr/local.  If the OpenGL package is to be
> >installed by setup.exe, it must be package under /usr.  That's it.
> Alright, I surrender. The next OpenGL package (1.1.0-3) will be as follow:
> /usr/bin/glut32.dll
> /usr/doc/opengl-1.1.0/README.txt
> /usr/doc/opengl-1.1.0/glui_manual_v2_beta.pdf
> /usr/doc/opengl-1.1.0/glut-3.spec.pdf
> /usr/include/glui.h
> /usr/include/GL/gl.h
> /usr/include/GL/glu.h
> /usr/include/GL/glut.h
> /usr/lib/libglui.a
> Would that please everybody ? If so, I'll send an update next week.

While your at it you should repackage the source tarball also.  Firstly, don't
include the binary distro. in the source.  Secondly, don't prefix the source
directories with usr/local/src.


Earnie Boyd

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