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Re: syslog -> NT event logger mapping

Bruce Edge wrote:
> How about using openlog() to determine how to handle this?
> I'm not sure I can suggest which argument to openlog() could be used to
> provide some sort of hint to cygwin as to how the app wanted to handle this
> issue.
> Perhaps extend the openlog API to take a filename which would specify the
> insertion string map file.
> Of course this would involve a registry write on app startup to get the
> message file name into the registry.

I'm not sure if it's worth to change the openlog interface. It
contains the identity as first parameter already.
Wouldn't it be enough to add a registry key for an application to
point to the Cygwin DLL as message file?
Personally I would favour to use always the one and only Cygwin
registry key to avoid polluting the registry with entries for all
Cygwin applications using syslog.


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