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Re: OpenGL packaging

Andre Bleau wrote:
> Earnie Boyd <> wrote:
> >It is currently --prefix=/usr/local (this is the default for configure).  All
> >packages distributed via setup need to be `configure --prefix=/usr'.

If I may jump in here. The complete configure should at least set
--prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --libexecdir=/usr/sbin

The rest is typically automagically correct. However, it would be
nice to check if the local state directory is configured as well:


Some packages don't know that setting then it's all one of course.

> If I take the
> /usr/include/GL spot for the Win32/OpenGL package, my include files will be
> used independently of -I options, as files in /usr/include have priority
> over those in directories specified by -I; that would make life harder for

Nope. From `info gcc':

     Add the directory DIR to the head of the list of directories to be
     searched for header files.  This can be used to override a system
     header file, substituting your own version, since these
     directories are searched before the system header file
     directories.  If you use more than one `-I' option, the
     directories are scanned in left-to-right order; the standard
     system directories come after.


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