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Re: OpenGL packaging

Earnie Boyd <> wrote:

>It is currently --prefix=/usr/local (this is the default for configure).  All
>packages distributed via setup need to be `configure --prefix=/usr'.
>Earnie Boyd

"configure" is not used to package OpenGL, so I don't understand your point.

The include files cannot be in /usr/include/GL, because they would mask 
files in /usr/X11R6/include/GL. There is experimental support of OpenGL 
programs via XFree; if someone wants to build an X11/OpenGL program, he has 
to compile with -I/usr/X11R6/include; if he prefers to build a Win32/OpenGL 
program, he has to compile with -I/usr/local/include. If I take the 
/usr/include/GL spot for the Win32/OpenGL package, my include files will be 
used independently of -I options, as files in /usr/include have priority 
over those in directories specified by -I; that would make life harder for 
programmers wishing to experiment with X11/OpenGL. Conversely, if the 
maintainer of XFree was placing his include files in the /usr/include/GL 
spot, his include files would be used independently of -I options and 
programs compiled with his include files but using Win32/OpenGL would not 
link. So I don't take the /usr/include/GL spot and the the XFree maintainer 
doesn't take it, so programmers have a choice.

The X11 and Win32 include files are incompatible because they specify 
different calling conventions. The Win32 OpenGL DLL is supplied by M$, so I 
can't change the calling convention of its functions.

That's the story.

André Bleau, ing., analyste

Département de génie électrique et         Electric Engineering and
de génie informatique                      Computer Engineering department
École Polytechnique de Montréal            Montreal Polytechnic School

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