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Re: sed and find

--- Armin Theissen <> wrote:
> Hi, 
> I'm new to this list and to cygwin in general, and I have a problem 
> which I cannot find discussed anywhere on the faq or mailing list 
> archive. 
> its about the commands 'sed' and 'find'. I used the cygwin_b20 and 
> their sed and find therein with no problems, but the obviously 
> different sed and find in cygwin 1.1.4 gives me compile errors. 
> sed complains about unterminated 's' commands, as in 
>   sed "s/bla/blubb/"
> which can there be solved by removing the quotation marks. However, 
> in order to expand complicated s/// expressions when compiling under 
> non windows plattforms, I cannot simply remove them all in the (huge) 
> code.  Is there a way to make sed in cygwin 1.1.4 understand the 
> quotation marks? 

What shell are you using?  The command
  sed "/s/foo/bar/"
works for me in bash.  However, the command
  sed "/s/foo/bar"
gives the unterminated 's' command you speak of.

> Another cause for headaches is 'find' which just won't find anything but 
> complains about unfound files/directories - as it seems in the path 
> where to find. I assume there is a problem with slashes and backslashes. 
> Again, the find of cygwin b20 worked. 

This sounds like an environment problem.  The output of `cygcheck -s -r -v'
pasted in a mail to the list and not to me would be useful.  Also attach the
/etc/setup/installed.db file.

> Is there any chance to get these working without copying over the old 
> versions? Or is this eventually a known bug for which there is somewhere 
> here a solution? 

I'm guessing the `bug' in this case is your environment.  You did use the
"Install now" link at to update your Cygwin didn't you?

> I hope there is. Otherwise: will cygwin_b20 still be available in the 
> future? 

The only guarantee that Cygwin B20 will be available in the future is for you
to keep a copy of it.  There are thousands of us using Cygwin and are very
happy with the improvements being made.  There should be no reason for you to
fear using the upgrade.


Earnie Boyd

---         <>         ---
--- Cygwin: POSIX on Windows <> ---
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