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Re: syslog -> NT event logger mapping

Robert Collins wrote:
> /speaking from ignorance
> what about the insertion strings? Can't cygwin just have a single message
> file with a single message, that is nothing but an insertion string?

Yes, that's the way I was talking of.

> If it needs to be registered for each, well that could be a simple
> register_syslog exefile.exe

The RegisterEventSource call currently uses the process_ident
from `openlog' as identifier. This would have to be changed so
that always "Cygwin" is the identifier and then there would be
only one entry needed in the registry, the "Cygwin" subkey which
points to the DLL which in turn contains the one and only (empty)
message string. The process_ident would become a part of the
comment string only.

> And yes I'd be willing to put some effort into making it happen.

I'm happy to read this :-))

BTW: I have just made a tiny change in It now adds the
user SID to the event log so that the name of the user is displayed
instead of N/A (assuming `ntsec' is on).


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