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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cvs-1.11.0-1 => pb to use conv2gdbm!!

In my CVSROOT directory, I have :


I also tried
>conv2gdbm.exe modules.pag modules.db.

And it returns :
>conv2gdbm.exe: Converting modules.pag.pag and modules.pag.dir to
>conv2gdbm.exe: 0 items inserted into modules.db.

May the problem come from some ".#" files in my CVSROOT ? Or perhaps is it
due to the consistency of my cvsroot ?
Is it possible to check the consistency of my cvsroot ?

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De : Charles S. Wilson []
Envoye : jeudi 16 novembre 2000 18:27
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Objet : Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cvs-1.11.0-1 => pb to use

Sreng Truong wrote:
> I have just updated cvs and gdbm.
> I have now cvs-1.11.0-1 and gdbm-1.8.0-3. Using cvs-1.10.8 on my Win2000
> system,
> Following the instruction in the annoucement mail, I tried to update some
> administration files in CVS:
>   conv2gdbm modules modules.db
>   conv2gdbm val-tags val-tags.db
> But this returns:
> conv2gdbm.exe: dbm file not opened
> What happened ?
probably either modules.pag/modules.dir  or  val-tags.pag/val-tags.dir
do not exist.  They are not always present.


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