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[NEWBIE]I have some general question's I could really use some help with please!

Ok, I'm new to cygwin and c/c++ so please excuse me if I sound stupid but I
have a couple of problems I really need the help with.

1)when I try to include things like conio.h or dos.h in my file header it
tells me that it cant be found but if I search my HD I find it under
C:\cygnus\cygwin-B20\H-i586-cygwin32\H-i586-cygwin32\include I can however
include things like iostream.h which is under
C:\cygnus\cygwin-B20\include\g++  So does anyone know how I can access
things like dos.h and mem.h etc?

2)Is there a way to include the cygwin1.dll into my programs source code so
I don't have to have cygwin1.dll with my compiled program to run it in DOS?

3)This is driving me crazy and I can't find an answer anywhere, When I was a
kid I used to program in basic (haha I know) well on the first line we would
do cls to clear the screen before the program started so everything would be
nice and fresh, HOW do you do it in C/C++????

I would REALLY apreciate any and all help thanks guys!:)


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