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Emacs via Telnet - "standard input is not a tty".

On Wednesday 8 Nov 00, Tom Zerucha writes:
> I'm trying to run ntemacs using cygwin.  Everything else works fine,
> including vim, but I tried emacs -nw (no windows).  Without -nw it pops
> up a window.  With -nw, it works in a console window on the machine. 
> But that doesn't work if I telnet in.  tty returns /dev/tty0, but
> src/dispnew.c doesn't think it is a tty (isatty() apparently says it
> isn't).

That's right, it doesn't work.  Bummer, eh?

> I can't recompile the nt version of emacs since that seems to require
> Visual C or something close - Most things tell me to check in
> etc/MACHINES for a supported configuration, but it won't take
> i[3-5]86-*-windowsnt even though it says it will.

FSF GNU Emacs has not been ported to Cygwin.  Efforts along this line
are occasionally discussed on the ntemacs-users list, not here.

> Can anyone point me at a precompiled version of emacs that will work via
> telnet?
> Or point me at a source tree and what to type to ./configure to get it
> to compile under cygwin?

The latest XEmacs 21.1 should build out of the box.  'xemacs -nw'
works in a cygwin telnet session.  That's as close as you can get, I'm

(I will add this to the new 'remote login to Cygwin' section of the
FAQ I'm planning.)


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