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Re: ssh keeps asking password

Joost Kraaijeveld wrote:
> Mmm. I started sshd on the remote machine as root and still it asks for my

Ah, you're asking for a connection from Cygwin to another non-Cygwin
machine, are you? I misinterpreted your question.

> password. The output of ssh -v remotehost is below. Can you  give me an idea
> in which direction I have to  look for an answer?

I can think of three possible problems (assuming the remote machine is

- The sshd on the remote side blocks RSA authentication completely.
  Look into the remote sshd_config file.

- Your Cygwin user name doesn't match your remote user name. Use
  the -l option or a Host/User setting in your .ssh/config file.

- The permissions of your home directory, .ssh subdirectory and/or
  subordered files are too relaxed for the remote sshd. As a
  standard rule, you should make your directories and files not group
  and/or world writable and your private key files not group and/or
  world readable.

Hope, that helps,

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