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What an idiot! or Update on 'make -j' hang

I think I found the source of the make hangs, although I haven't checked
with a 'make -j2' yet.  I was, instead, investigating a repeatable hang
in 'zsh' due to a problem with sigsuspend().

After an embarassingly long investigation, I found some questionable
code in (yawn).  The code was a very recent addition of mine
intended to stop cygwin from hanging inappropriately.  I guess that with
my change it was hanging appropriately but that's not much consolation.
I've backed out my change and, once again, resolved to stop programming
after 2AM.  I have no idea what I was thinking when I made this change.

Possible excuses for the idiotic code:
- It seemed like a good idea at the time.
- Friends were driving.
- My dog ate my C++ manual.
- Odd numbered Cygwin releases are always buggy -- I was just doing my part.
- Programming is hard!
- It really depends on what your definition of "hangs" is.
- It was like that when I got here.
- I had no idea I was coding that fast, officer.
- What are you looking at?  Are you looking at me?
- Cosmic rays.

Anyway, I've just started a snapshot build.  I'll probably get a new
version of cygwin released in the next couple of days if this seems to
work for everyone.  I'll actually try 'make -j2' tomorrow.  For now,
I just want to go to bed thinking I've accomplished something and not
trying to solve signal races in my sleep.

FYI, Corinna has also noticed another, unrelated, hang in bash.  That
one actually seems to be a bash bug.  We should have a fix for this
soon, too.


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