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RE: OpenSSH Strangeness on Windows 2000

>sshd.exe seems to start ok if I invoke it as a console application.   As a
>service it seems to launch and then exit without any sign of an error.
>tried having it run under LocalSystem (SYSTEM) and under a user with the
>proper rights established with no change in behavior.    Nothing else is
>listening on the port.

FWIW, i've been using the cygwin OpenSSH under Windows 2000 happily for a
while now.  I had no end of trouble getting previous versions of sshd to
work on Win2k, and sometimes would see behavior like the kind you're

One thing you might want to try is putting the call to sshd within a batch
file and having the service invoke that instead of invoking the app
directly.  Sometimes it makes a difference.  To do this, you can use instsrv
and srvany in conjunction, and install by doing "instsrv OpenSSHD
c:\srvany.exe" (srvany.exe has to be at the root, or c:\, for this to work;
both instsrv and srvany come from the reskit)  Check out the registry stuff


"Application"="c:\\winnt\\system32\\cmd /c"

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