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Setup.exe dialog windows hide behind other windows.


When running setup.exe I find that sometimes when the program changes from 
window to window, the new window will appear behind windows of other 
applications (eg. An explorer window).  The setup.exe program still has 
focus (eg. Highlighted on the task bar) and I have to change focus to 
another window, and change back to get the window to the top of the Z order 

I think it has something to do with the length of time between the previous 
window disappearing and the new window appearing that causes it.  For me, 
it happens most often when moving to the chooser window (IDD_CHOOSE) but 
will occasionally happen with other windows.

I use setup.exe to download from Internet onto a zip disk, which I then use 
to install on work and home computers.  I suspect that the zip disk access 
necessary before the chooser window shows up causes a long enough delay to 
cause this phenomenon every time, but I copied the whole thing over to my 
hard disk, and can trigger it sometimes in "Install from local" mode by 
going through the next and back buttons.

Anybody understand why this occurs?  (Need to understand the problem before 
I can write a patch for the solution!)


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