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Questions and observations of Cygwin Tools on the NT shell command line


I have been using Cygwin and have found it Very valuable and hope this
project continues until it replaces the NT shell completely, but I have
noticed some irregularities that hopefully you can answer.  Using Cygwin I
have noticed that some third party command line tools don't function
properly, but under the NT shell they function normally.  What is the major
difference in running a program from Cygwin then from the NT Shell?
I have also played around with using the Cygwin Tools under the NT shell.
For the most part the tools work.  I have found that sort doesn't work under
the NT shell when you specify switches.  It returns "Invalid Switch". What
can cause some DOS based utilities to fail under Cygwin, and why can cause
Cygwin Tools to fail under DOS?

Thank you for your time

Colin Clayton, T.T.
Computer Engineering Technologist
Matrikon Consulting
1800, 10405 Jasper Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3N4
Ph. 780-448-1010 ext. 4503
Fax. 780-448-9191

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