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Re: included headers with mno-cygwin

> 	There has been at least one update since then that I am aware
> of.  At any rate.  The setup.exe, apparently, is not smart enough to
> change the currently existing directory structure in order to
> accomodate the latest directory structure layout for Cygwin install
> (ie delete directories that no longer exist).

Setup uninstalls previous versions before installing new versions.  It
should remove any directories obsoleted by upgrades.

> 	Or, if setup.exe is smart enough to change directory
> structure, it is not updating the system registry in order to
> accomodate the latest directory structure by eliminating any
> registry references to /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-cygwin/...

Setup does nothing to the registry at all, aside from the few mount
points it sets up.

> 	Thus my suggestion to delete your current cygwin directory,
> and then re-install Cygwin from scratch.

That probably won't help if it's registry related.

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