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Re: XEmacs on cygwin wierdness

Christopher Faylor wrote:
 >Okay, here's the results from XEmacs-21.2.36 (tarball, not from CVS)
> >built under a latest-CVS-cygwin-debuggable kernel.  I apologize for not
> >single-stepping this and investigating more thoroughly, but I've got a
> >bunch of papers to grade tonight; I won't be able to return to this
> >until tomorrow night at the earliest, but I figured I post my very
> >preliminary experience
> I really need to see a real stack trace to debug this.  From what you've
> sent, it seems to me that this SIGSEGV has occurred in a process that
> was invoked as a child of a shell.  That is counter to your original
> bug report so something is screwy somewhere.

???? I'll take a closer look tomorrow night...

> Are you able to run anything with this DLL at all?  Is the gdb you
> are using running the cygwin that you've built?

Yes, I've installed the entire /usr/src/cygwin/inst/usr/* tree on top of
my main installation.  gdb is running with the debug kernel, as is bash,
rxvt, heck, *everything* is running with the debug kernel.


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