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included headers with mno-cygwin

Hello all,

I'm trying to compile a library for C++ with gcc with mno-cygwin option
(I already posted on that some time ago).
At the moment, I have the cygwin1.dll-version 1.1.5.
Before using the flag, I did as described in Mumits mno-cygwin howto,
installed the aditional mingw stuff and passed the right options to the
compiler and linker (at least I think, I did so...). I'm now at the
stage that the makefile (supplied with the lib) runs without
errormessages, but the 'make check' failed after a while. More detailed:
during making, some executables are generated, which are ran during make
check, and one of them (the others probably too) causes a (the
errormessage is in German, I think it's a) stack error in the module
KERNEL32.DLL at ...

What I discovered until now:
- I passed the -H option to the compiler to see what headers are
included. The output file is about 1.57 MByte large and I couldn't read
everything so far, but at a first glance, I saw the following headers
repeatedly being included:




..and I think they aren't mingw headers, are they? So i think they
shouldn't be included.
The following seems to me as a logical consequence of the above:

- objdump -p executable-name | grep "DLL Name" produced the following
                     DLL Name: KERNEL32.dll
                     DLL Name: cygwin1.dll
                     DLL Name: crtdll.dll
      or is ist ok, that it uses cygwin _and_ crtdll?

So, what I'd like to ask: If the above headers aren't mingw, where may I
get the corresponding mingw headers? How can I make the makefile not
include cygwin headers?
What information do you still need to -maybe- help me?

kind regards

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