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Re: Compiling Mesa under cygwin 1.1.4 with Windows98

Hi folks,

On 10 Nov 2000, at 16:11, the Illustrious Yusuf Pisan wrote:

> I am trying to compile Mesa using cygwin 1.1.4 (full
> installation) under Windows98.  I have run into some problems and
> would appreciate some help.
> I would like to have Mesa3.4 under Windows98 and under solaris
> with the same demo programs working on both systems.
> Is it possible to compile MesaDemos using OpenGL header under
> win98?

	Actually, no.  If you're going to compile MesaDemos you need to 
use Mesa 3D libs.  Mesa3D, if you've checked out their website, 
is not OpenGL, and makes no claims to being OpenGL.

	If you need OpenGL, then you are best served by using the 
supplied MS OpenGL headers (albeit quite outdated by this point 
in time) that are available for Win98.  MS PSDK, afaik, supports 
latest MS-OpenGL.

> Any tips about how to achieve that?

	One consideration might be to use the -mno-cygwin switch for 
the latest stable release of Mesa 3D.  No guarantees, but there 
is an old, crtdll based port that depends on mingw and builds 
the libraries just fine for as long as you are not using the 
developers release of Mesa 3D.


		Paul G.

Nothing real can be threatened.
    Nothing unreal exists.

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