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Re: -mno-cygwin and MSVCRT vs CRTDLL

Hi folks,

On 10 Nov 2000, at 7:02, the Illustrious Earnie Boyd wrote:

> Does anyone on this list care if the switch -mno-cygwin uses
> MSVCRT instead of CRTDLL?

	Not I...imho, it would make things less complex if we did set 
msvcrt as the "default" mingw distribution for Cygwin.

		Original Win95 windows/system folder includes msvcrt20.dll and 
msvcrt40.dll.  Any software or maintenance updates to Win95 
(including new software installations) typically add the 
msvcrt.dll to all Win95 machines on install.
	In those extremely rare cases where msvcrt.dll does not already 
exist under Win95 (Original Win95 release), you can always, for 
as long as it is available, install the Win95 Upgrade (not very 
big, really -- mostly .cab files).
	Win95B includes "msvcrt.dll".

	Caveat Emptor:

	Though there is no immediate proof and depending on outcome of 
anti-trust proceedings, MS may discontinue supporting Win95 
altogether (like they did NT4 when Win2k SP1 came out) now that 
WinMe has been released...


		Paul G.

> Cheers,
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