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Using coff librairies

I would like to use GCC to compile application for the Symbian/Epoc emulator that runs native Windows code on Windows platform.

The main problem is that the libraries provided with Symbian/Epoc (r5) are using the coff format: It seems that the binutils coming
with cygwin are unable to deal with coff mangled name. Thus, objects produced by the i383-pc-cygwin compiler/tools cannot not be
link against the Symbian libraries (issued from C++ code), since the (de)mangle-mapping cannot be achieve.

Thus, I recompiled the binutils in order to support the coff format. No problem.

Next, I tried to recompile the gcc suite (c, c++) with the same target (i686-pc-coff). The compilation failed at assembler level. It
appears that it encounters invalid assembly declarations about alignment. I tried to compile with -S option (and -save-temps) in
order to check the assembler code produced by the xgcc compiler: some .align declarations are using odd values: namely: .align 3 and
.align 5. The assembler complains about "not power of 2" alignments.

I've tried with the two last snapshots (egcs-2000110[16]) and the stable release. Same troubles.

What can I do ?
The Symbian development kit is using the VC++ compiler, but I wish to avoid this ... compiler since it is buggy, the command line
syntax is awful, etc.

Is there a patch/a new release of binutils that supports the coff-like mangling names ?


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