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Re: long double support in cygwin

>>The LGPL still requires that source code be distributed if you are
>>*providing the library* does it not?  If I try to sell you a copy of
>>glibc, I will have to provide you with the sources.  If I sell you a
>>copy of a program linked with glibc, I don't have to give you the
>>sources for glibc.  It's a subtle distinction, but this is why we can't
>>use it.
>Not quite.  If you built a problem with glibc (or cygwin, under the
>LGPL), you are *always* required to distribute the sources for the
>LGPL'd components, and whatever else it takes to rebuild the
>application at least from those sources (normally, this means a .o for
>your app).  The LGPL *still* requires that the user be able to change
>the LGPL'd components and rebuild the app.  It just doesn't require
>that you be able to rebuild the app from *its* sources.

If your application uses a LGPL'ed shared library, as is the case with
glibc, you don't need to include sources.  Or, at least that is my
understanding of section 6b of the LGPL.  If you have linked in
components of the library into your application (i.e., cygwin) then you

That is what I was alluding to.


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