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Re: long double support in cygwin

> If the code has been assigned to the FSF and is now owned by the FSF, we
> can't use it.  IANAL.

The FSF always grants back an unlimited license to the original
author.  Check the paperwork - I bet he can still re-license his
original work.

> The LGPL still requires that source code be distributed if you are
> *providing the library* does it not?  If I try to sell you a copy of
> glibc, I will have to provide you with the sources.  If I sell you a
> copy of a program linked with glibc, I don't have to give you the
> sources for glibc.  It's a subtle distinction, but this is why we
> can't use it.

Not quite.  If you built a problem with glibc (or cygwin, under the
LGPL), you are *always* required to distribute the sources for the
LGPL'd components, and whatever else it takes to rebuild the
application at least from those sources (normally, this means a .o for
your app).  The LGPL *still* requires that the user be able to change
the LGPL'd components and rebuild the app.  It just doesn't require
that you be able to rebuild the app from *its* sources.

Under *no* circumstances does the LGPL allow you to not have to
[eventually] redistribute the sources for the LGPL'd component.

> As to whether the author of the code can reassign the code for use
> in cygwin, that is another issue.  I don't know if John's statement
> (quoted from another message) is adequate or not:

It is probably not, for reasons I stated in another message.

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