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Re: long double support in cygwin

> Well, the code I could supply that is not glibc was formally placed
> in the public domain so that the FSF could adopt it and install it
> into gcc.  The gcc changes are owned by FSF but I would guess what
> was in the public domain is still in the public domain.  Does that
> sound like something that would satisfy the legal requirement?

Not always.  You never know if the FSF changed it, and if they did,
their changes would be copyright themselves.  To do it right, you'd
have to find the original sources that are being distributed in the
public domain and copy those.

> I wonder if Bowman, the author of inline-math, knew that the LGPL
> would *prevent* people from using his code!  It should be up to him
> to decide whether you have permission.

The LGPL prevents people from using code in ways contrary to the
author's wishes.  Releasing something to the public domain means the
author loses *all* control over what happens to the code.  By
releasing his code to the PD, Bowman has implicitly allowed the FSF to
redistribute it under a more restrictive license.

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