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potential cygwish80 problem

I've recently installed the "latest" cygwin as downloaded on Nov. 5 from
the mirror site.

Installation went smoothly.  The installation appears to be much-improved
the "B20.1" that I've been running to date.  In fact, I liked everything I
saw until
I started building and testing my personal development tree.

All proper programs (C/C++) seem to work fine.

Simple shell scripts seem to work fine.

The problem I've observed is with sh/wish scripts, described in the

Note that I've set up /usr/local/bin/wish.exe as a symbolic link to

I've got several sh scripts that invoke "wish" via "exec", so the first few
lines look like so:


	# \
	exec wish "$0" "$@"


When I execute an example script named "plotmeas", I get the following


I've noted a few observations on commands that I tried and that either work
don't work when run fom the bash command-line prompt:

command:	> wish /home/karl/swDev/dist/scripts/plotmeas
result:		same dialog pops up

command:	> wish `cygpath -w /home/karl/swDev/dist/scripts/plotmeas`
result:		works fine

command(s):	> cd /home/karl/swDev/dist/scripts
		> wish plotmeas
result:		works fine

command(s):	> cd /home/karl
		> wish swDev/dist/scripts/plotmeas
result:		works fine

So the problem appears to be that cygwish80 cannot seem to interpret a
full (absolute) pathname when it is passed as the first parameter.  This is
the way that the pathname is passed by the "exec" line in my script(s).

Relative pathnames and "windows" style pathnames seem to work OK.

So, is there an installation setting or configuration step that I've missed?

I'd rather not be forced to edit my scripts, since my development tree
both CYGWIN and LINUX development.

Thanks in advance for your response . . .


Karl E. North
Photogrammetric Engineer

Surdex Corporation
520 Spirit of St. Louis Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63005

voice:	(636) 532-3427
fax:	(636) 537-9638

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