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Re: Case-insensitive globbing (was RE: Cygnus question)

On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 05:24:50PM -0500, Town, Brad wrote:
>> Thanks for the patch but this really needs to be under the 
>> control of a
>> CYGWIN setting.  We already have CYGWIN=glob.  Maybe something like
>> CYGWIN=glob:ignorecase would be appropriate.
>Here are patches to,, and glob.c to do just that.
>Note that ignore_case_with_glob is an int, not a BOOL like it should be.  I
>did that because I'm late getting home.
>For future reference, is the way I did it The Right Way?

Sorry I didn't respond before this.

A lot of this was right.  The and parts looked ok.

The changes to glob.c were obvious but I'm not sure that they are correct.
The problem is that the glob() function is exported from the DLL.  I don't
know if its operation should be under the control of the CYGWIN environment
variable when it is called by the program directly.  I don't think it should
be actually.

Maybe all that you need is clear the "ignore_case_with_glob" after
has called glob.  Then glob() would revert to its normal operation.

I'd appreciate it if you would test that glob's operation when called from
a program is unchanged, too.

So, this was very close.  If I had thought of and enunciated these issues before
I'm sure it would have been perfect.


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