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[ANNOUNCEMENT] cygwin-1.1.5-6, mingw-20001103-1, w32api-20001103-1, gcc-2.95-4

I've uploaded what I hope will be the final version of the Cygwin 1.1.5
DLL to  It includes below fixes which are new since
the original test version that I made available on 10/29 (time flies).

In this version, I've broken out the mingw and w32api stuff into their
own separate releases, which are downloadable as separate packages.
The w32api include files will now be installed in /usr/include/w32api.
I've modified gcc to look there also as long as you are not compiling
with -mno-win32.  The mingw libraries go to /usr/lib/mingw.  The new
version of gcc looks there first for mingw libraries when you specify

Hopefully, this will allow you to use -mno-cygwin without pulling in
cygwin's include files.  It is still possible to pull in libcygwin.a
though.  I guess I have to figure out how to prevent that eventually.

Please check this out and report to the cygwin list.


- Fix problem when pty master does single character reads and sees a

- mount --show-cygdrive-prefixes shows the text/binary mode for /cygdrive.
  (thanks to Jason Tishler)

- connect returns the correct errno again. (thanks to Corinna Vinschen)

- By popular demand the text for errno EAGAIN is no "Hit me again harder" (or
  something like that I don't remember exactly)  (courtesy of Jason Tishler)

- Various mysterious hangs and "wait_subproc" errors have been either eliminated
  or substantially reduced.

- No longer require psapi.dll on Windows NT.

- Any file which begins with a ".exe" magic number (e.g., a.out) is now
  considered executable.

- _readlink returns ENOENT when a file does not exist.

- Windows 95 socket errors have been eliminated or substantially reduced.
  (courtesy of Corinna Vinschen)

- Problem with memory allocation and tapes has been eliminated. (Corinna)

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