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Re: strange permissions: ----------

"Schaible, Joerg" wrote:
> Maybe this should be mensioned somewhere in the FAQ, Cygwin has no chance to
> separate between <hostname>\user and <domain>\user.

That's not true. If you're using `ntsec', Cygwin can differ the local
from the domain account. For example:


lets Cygwin decide which user is meant. LLL is the SID of the local
machine, DDD is the SID of the domain and RRRR is the RID of the
particular user. I suggest reading the online documentation, at least
the NTSEC chapter:

> Nevertheless it is confusing, if you don't know what's happening.

We can write masses of documentation but it would never catch all
cases. Besides all the Cygwin documentation can't substitute the
Windows NT security documentation.


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