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Re: strange permissions: ----------

"Schaible, Joerg" wrote:
> The system home directory is mounted to:
> c:\WINNT\Profiles   /home               system       binmode
> This mount synchronizes my %USERPROFILE% and $HOME directories to store my
> settings for WinNT and Cygwin.
> Somehow the ownership of my home changed from
> drwxrwxrwx  17 544      Administ    20480 Nov  8 08:25 jse
> to
> drwxrwx---  17 1027     SYSTEM      20480 Nov  8 08:25 jse
> This change results for strange access rights creating new files in my home
> directory:
> ----------   1 544      Administ      180 Nov  8 08:23 makefile
> Does somebody know, why this happens? What represents the user 1027? Is
> there any way to revert this, because "chown 544 $HOME" is ignored?

I'm quite sure that 1027 is the RID of your own account. Did you
create a /etc/passwd file with mkpasswd? Either that is missing
or you created the file before creating the user `jse'.

You should add an entry for the administrators group (which is
what 544 means here) to /etc/passwd as well:


Substitute "myadminsgroup" by your favorite name for the admins
group and substitute "ntsadminsgroup" by the name of the NT admins
group in your locale (eg. "administrators" in the English version,
"administratoren" in the German version etc) or go the easy way:


When asked what has changed the ownership I would guess on NT itself.
The profiles directory is heavily used by NT and it's tools (Explorer,
IE, etc). I recall that I had a similar problem more than a year ago.
I would never use the NT/W2K proposed directory as my Cygwin home
directory. In fact, I change the home directory on my boxes even in the
NT/W2K user manager to sth. like D:\home\corinna.


Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Developer              
Red Hat, Inc.

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