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Re: highlighting in vi

--- Don Sharp <> wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion. It helps a little. What I was remarking on is
> that this is new behaviour on my system, since I did my last update. (My
> system should be completely up to date). I have been running Cygwin for
> years with this command window set-up. So why give me hassle now?
> The problem seems to emanate from ".viminfo". When I re-edit a file,
> those things which had become highlighted after a search or editing
> action, are highlighted again on entry at a later time.

The use of the .viminfo file is controlled by the vim variable option flag
viminfo.  If you set it to null then it won't be used.  See `help viminfo'
while in vim for more information.

Basically if you enter
  set viminfo=
into your ~/.vimrc file then it won't be used.

However this is an advanced feature and can be used between sessions to reserve
such things as marks, remembered editing sequences, command buffers, etc. so
that they can be continued to be used for the next session.

> BTW Is there a way to control the actual RGB values used by DIRCOLORS
> and vim ? I Find that dark blue on black is a very poor combination.
> Similarly light green on white is also problematical.

Yea, me too!  I have the following in my ~/.bashrc file:
  dircolors ~/.dircolors.rc > /tmp/a && . /tmp/a && rm /tmp/a

I've attached the ~/.dircolors.rc file.

BTW, it is appropriate not to quote the full cygcheck output.


Earnie Boyd

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