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Re: Test Case for Job Control Problem

That fixed my problem.  Thanks so very much!  I had set CYGWIN to "binmode
tty ntsec" when trying to get inetd to work.  I had no idea what effects it

Oddly though, when I hit Control-C the first time I am returned to the bash
prompt and 'jobs' and 'ps' report no make process, however hitting
Control-C again causes the current make process to abort.  What's up with

Mike Bresnahan
Earnie Boyd wrote:

> --- Michael Bresnahan <> wrote:
> > I've attached a tarball that contains a test case for the job control
> > problem I have encountered.  To run the test case you will need
> > Microsoft NMAKE installed.  To run the test do this:
> >
> NMAKE is a Non-Cygwin program.  To properly communicate with non-Cygwin
> programs you must not have tty set in the CYGWIN variable.
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