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Re: Using Cygwin with Windows 2000

Step 2 shouldn't be neccessary.  Windows 2000 IS Windows NT (version 5).  It
was renamed to Windows 2000 by the marketing weenies.  I've ported a number
of apps from unix to NT/2k, and have not had any problems with
incompatibilities between the two.  Now if you're talking about differences
in Windows 9x and NT/2k, that's a whole different ballgame.
    Oh, and cygwin works fine under Windows 2k.

-Matt Smith

> Hi everybody.
> I'm going to start the porting of a Unix application to Windows NT/2000,
and I
> decided to use
> Cygwin. This porting will consist of two phases:
> 1) Porting from Unix (POSIX) to NT (using cygwin)
> 2) Porting to Windows 2000 (using ???)
> I've got a very simple question: does anybody have experienced Cygwin
> usage/development
> (DLL & commands/tools) in a Windows 2000 environment?
> If the answer is yes, does anybody know if the next stable release
(planned for
> early 2001) will
> support this operating system?

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