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RE: Can't get rlogin,ftp or telnet to connect

> From: john ware []
> Hi Mike,
>     Thanks for the reply. The problem is not with the client 
> programs. I

    How did you determine this?

> can connect from my win2k/cygwin_enabled machine outbound 
> using ftp, telnet

    Are you using the Win2K versions of these programs or the cygwin
versions of these programs (if you are using rlogin, then you are most
likely using Cygwin versions, since Win2K has no native rlogin)?  In
your previous letter (if I read it correctly) you said that you were
only trying to connect to localhost and couldn't, but now you say you
can connect - please describe your configuration.

> and rlogin. I want to be able to connect to my box from 
> another machine on
> the net. I believe that I do not have the inetd program configured
> properly.

    This is possible, but I found that the default configuration works
nicely, so I doubt it (you *did* run iu-config, didn't you?).

> Are you able to connect to  your machine from another one on the net?

    No, from another six, at least.  ;-)  I have done this from various
flavors of Unix and NT.  In fact, I can connect from every machine I
try, *EXCEPT* from my Win2K box using the native Win2K versions of ftp
and telnet.


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