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Re: Can't get rlogin,ftp or telnet to connect

Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the reply. The problem is not with the client programs. I
can connect from my win2k/cygwin_enabled machine outbound using ftp, telnet
and rlogin. I want to be able to connect to my box from another machine on
the net. I believe that I do not have the inetd program configured
Are you able to connect to  your machine from another one on the net?



Mike Ayers wrote:

>     Glad to hear that someone else is having the same problem.  This
> prompted me to investigate.
>   It turns out that Win2K's telnet and ftp programs are new but not
> necessarily improved.  Every other telnet and ftp that I tried,
> including NT4, Solaris, OSF/1, work fine, but Win2K's versions fail as
> described.  I solved the problem by using cygwin's ftp and telnet from
> my Win2K box.  If you don't have Cygwin installed on your Win2K box and
> (for some unfathomable reason  ;-) don't want it, then just create
> C:\cyg and put ftp.exe, telnet.exe, and cygwin1.dll into it.  Then just
> 'cd /d C:\cyg' and ftp or telnet away!
>    HTH,
> /|/|ike
> > From: john ware []
> >
> > Hi all,
> >     When I try to use any of the above I get: Connection
> > refused. Telnet
> > is slightly different, it connects then reports that:
> > connection closed
> > by foreign host.
> > I'm just trying to connect to the host I'm running on because I
> > currently don't have a net to try it on.  I assume the
> > results would be
> > the same if I had cygwin on another host.
> >
> > I've read the inetd-1.3.2.README and login.README and done what they
> > say(I think).
> >
> > I'm using win2k and the  latest cygwin from about 2 weeks ago.
> >
> > I created a nt user for ftp and /home/ftp directory exists.
> > I've attached my passwd and the output of cygcheck.
> >
> > any help would be gladly received
> >
> > john ware
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