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Re: no matching function

At 01:52 AM 11/5/2000, Cameron Edwards wrote:
>I have Cygwin 1.1.2 and im trying to compile a C++ wxWindows progrma i
>wrote (it currently compiles fine in Linux).
>I'm calling a function MainState::GetTimeFormat() but the compiler
>complains that it can't find MainState::GetTimeFormatA() (yes there is
>an extra 'A' character appended on the end). It also  happens for the
>wxPaintDC::DrawText() function.
>See output at bottom of this email.
>Why is it putting that A character there????? Why wont it compile (it
>compiles fine in Linux)??
>Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I'm going to assume that MainState comes from wxWindows.  The issue is that
wxWindows on Windows, apparently, addresses UNICODE/MBCS the same way as
Windows.  There appear to be two versions of each of these functions, one
to deal with ASCII/MBCS and one to deal with UNICODE.  A=ASCII/MBCS while
U=UNICODE.  Grep through the header files that wxWindows provides and you'll
probably find defines that map these functions from the function name to the
function name with an "A" or "U" appended depending on whether MBCS or 
UNICODE is defined.  Then you'll need to figure out why that function is 
not defined in the header files you're using...

Note, I have no experience with wxWindows, if that's not obvious!;-)


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