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Re: DLL problems with cygwin XEmacs binary kit

Andy Piper wrote:
> At 12:06 PM 11/2/00 -0500, Charles S. Wilson wrote:
> >The XEmacs-21.1.12 binary kit for cygwin, available from
> > or its mirrors, was compiled to use the 'old'
> >cygwin dlls for libtiff, libjpeg, and libz.  Thus, if your system uses
> >the latest cygwin versions of these packages, XEmacs will not work and
> >will fail with the following message:
> I built the kit, I don't mind redoing it. I actually throught I had
> compiled in static libs to avoid this sort of problem. I am uneasy about
> compiling in dynamic libs for exactly these sort of reasons.
> What version of cygwin is new? I am using 1.1.4

The current version of the cygwin package itself is 1.1.5-3, but many of
the other packages have also been updated.  Just run 'setup.exe' and
it'll update all the pieces to the latest version.

You can force static linking by doing:
  gcc -static (or ld -Bstatic) during the link step
BUT you must also use -Dpkg_STATIC during the compile step, where pkg is
one (or all) of:

each -Dpkg_STATIC turns off the dll-specific declspec declarations for
the associated package.  If you want completely static linking, it's
probably easiest to just set CFLAGS and LDFLAGS as above, and then
configure as usual.

However, Andy, since the packages above *are* part of the official
distribution, they will (almost always) be available in a typical cygwin
installation -- so the dll's will be there.  I do not anticipate another
'name change' -- we did this as a proactive step to prevent DLL hell,
and it should not be necessary to do another name change.  I think
dynamic libs are a safe bet. Now.


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