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RE: Cygwin RCS Build Instructions (or sometimes ash does not like a.out)


Thanks for your reply.  With Jeff Hu's reply ("This is because of a problem
in the readlink() function.  Chris checked in a patch on 10/31.") in mind I
upgraded my Cygwin configuration to use gcc 2.95.2-3, fetched the install
script from the URL you provided and renamed install.exe as per your
instructions.  After that the build went linke a charm and RCS is running
great.  Thanks for the help.


Karel Sprenger, senior solution specialist
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Sent: Friday, November 03, 2000 20:14
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Subject: Re: Cygwin RCS Build Instructions (or sometimes ash does not
like a.out)


On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 05:21:51PM +0100, Sprenger, Karel wrote:
> Just now I tried to build RCS 5.7 a couple of times using the instructions
> and patches in Jason Tishler's message of Thu, 12 Oct 2000 10:27:45 -0400,
> and everything works fine until the make installcheck step.  Then I get an
> rcs error on the rcs -i -L test which fails with rcs error 0.  Any clues?

Please post some more details like OS (e.g., NT/2000/98), file system
(e.g., FAT, NTFS, CIFS), etc.  The output from cygcheck -s -v -r wouldn't
hurt too.

FYI, I'm only a casual RCS user and have only used it only on NT with NTFS
and CIFS.

> BTW, src/ needs another patch as the programs to install end in
> .exe:

Only if you don't have the following installed as install:


Jason Tishler
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