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Re: test report on ver 1.1.5-4

I do work on commercial projects which use MKS,  yet I have cygwin running
on as many of the same boxes as it will run on, and prefer it for ad hoc
tasks like grepping, finding, editing and the freedom from worry about
violating the license.  The changes I would like to make to cygwin generally
turn out to affect too many other things for them to go anywhere; I have an
FSF assignment on file just in case something does go through, although I
haven't dealt with the issues which may be raised by changing my employment.
I notified my new employer throught the internal process that I have FSF
assignments on file, covering prior work, but they are too busy for sure to
pay any attention to it.
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From: "Chris Abbey" <>
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Sent: Saturday, November 04, 2000 11:55 AM
Subject: Re: test report on ver 1.1.5-4

we could pick up a
> commercial product like (shudder) MKS or GNUPro - and if we're working on
> a major commercial application we will, but fiscally that isn't always an
> option.

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