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test report on ver 1.1.5-4

Hello Cygwin'ners,
        the longer i watch you work in progress the more i like 
it ! Great work. I tried the new test release 1.1.5-4 and noticed 
a lot of problems finally solved. There are still some improvements
i would like to see:

 * the ifconf interface is still a bit buggy:
   LAPTOP ~/serveez-0.0.19/src> ./serveez.exe -i
   --- list of local interfaces you can start ip services on ---
   The latter two ip addresses or interfaces must be swapped.

 * fcntl (sock, O_NONBLOCK) works fine, but the EAGAIN error
   is still reported as "No more processes" which should be now
   "Resource temporarily unavailable" as it is on Unices.
   Corinna: finally applied the patch i provided ?

 * The FD_ZERO() macro produces the following statement:
   warning: comparison between signed and unsigned

 * I could provide my native Win32 port for the following 
   functions which are not yet part of cygwin:
   - strptime
   - stpcpy
   - inet_aton
   If you are interested in it, please tell me...

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