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Re: [Perl 5.6]

--- Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 10:27:37PM -0500, Charles S. Wilson wrote:
> >>One other thing that I've done is to make sure that _WIN32 and WINNT
> >>aren't defined by default.  I.E.: I changed Chris' addition of
> >>-mno-win32 to -mwin32 and defined unix, _unix, __unix and __unix__ just
> >>in case.  Probably unix would have been enough.  Also, when specifying
> >>-mwin32 my specs don't define the unix macros.
> >
> >Huh?  I don't understand.
> I puzzled over this for a while too.  I think that what Earnie is saying
> is that he essentially made -mno-win32 the *default* and set up a
> -mwin32 for cases where you really want it.
> This isn't, IMO, a good plan for a general release of gcc but I can see
> why this would be attractive to people who compile a lot of UNIX stuff.
> It hides the Windows stuff from some packages that insist on "doing
> stuff" when they see the Windows defines and you don't have to modify
> any Makefiles to get that behavior.

Sorry, I was confusing but yes this is what I meant.


Earnie Boyd

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