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Re: [Perl 5.6]

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> --- Charles Wilson <> wrote:
> >
> > Now, since that time, there have been three (five?) more point-releases
> > of the cygwin kernel.  Some incorporated the fixes that *previously*
> > necessitated the use of a snapshot.  Some incorporated further
> > improvements that either broke "stupid perl workarounds" or created the
> > possibility of improved perl operation if we took advantage of them.
> >
> > There are a number of "post-perl-5.6.0" patches that you need in order
> > to build perl with a *new* cygwin dll (1.1.4 or 1.1.5).  You may safely
> > ignore the babble about "cygwin-inst-whatever" and
> > "cygwin1.dll-whatever".
> >
> I don't know why you say this.  I built perl-5.6.0 just yesterday with
> yesterday's snapshot.  Albeit, my build was static using static libraries of
> gdbm and no ipc.

Overjoyed, nay, ecstatic, to hear that.  

> > I've posted the patches to this list previously; search the archives....
> >
> I didn't use them.  As a matter of fact I modified the cygwin.c source to
> remove the cwd coding and that worked fine.  I need to take a look at your
> patches to see what you did.

They aren't "mine" -- I culled them from the perl5-porters list and some
were sent to me privately.

> > >
> > > CYGWIN=binmode tty ntea nontsec
> >
> I don't even have CYGWIN set.

Did you run make test or perl harness?  That's where the ntsec/nontsec
ntea/<> made a difference.  In any case, I'm glad to hear you could
build without taking special steps.

> >
> > I replaced /bin/sh.exe with a copy of /bin/bash.exe.
> >
> I use the normal /bin/sh.exe == ash.

Well, ash has been updated three times (or more) since last May --
perhaps the continual improvement of ash has made it possible to build
perl with it, rather than bash.  (Try building with an *old* version of
ash if you want pain....)

> One other thing that I've done is to make sure that _WIN32 and WINNT aren't
> defined by default.  I.E.: I changed Chris' addition of -mno-win32 to -mwin32
> and defined unix, _unix, __unix and __unix__ just in case.  Probably unix would
> have been enough.  Also, when specifying -mwin32 my specs don't define the unix
> macros.

Huh? I don't understand.

  you ARE using -mwin32, which DOES define _WIN32 and WINNT, or 

  you are NOT using -mwin32 (that is, you ARE using -mno-win32) which
does NOT define _WIN32 and WINNT


In any case, I am fabulously happy that you can build perl without
trouble.  That means that others should be able to do so, as well, and I
can ignore the rest of this thread and go back to writing my thesis. :-)


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