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Re: _beginthread wrote:
> hello again.
> i searched the archives.
> i found this:
> it states that cygwin is not multithread ready.
> i dont think that is still the case, but i wouldnt mind confirmation.

IIRC, the thread stuff was turned "on" a while back (like last
December).  Check the cygwin-developer mail archives.

> why doesnt cygwin support {begin,end}thread?

'cause nobody has coded it yet?

> ps: i also recently got some ctype errors, and i think it is either solved
> by using -mno-cygwin or not using it. 

-mno-cygwin will certainly fix it -- it does this by not linking with
cygwin1.dll at ALL.  I don't think that's what you want.

The ctype error is a result of using object files or libraries that were
compiled on an old (B20 or earlier) cygwin.  Object files and libraries
from B20 days are NOT compatible with the newer cygwins (1.1.x).  Find
out which library or object file on your system is really really
ancient, and recompile it from source.

> i solved my problem and moved on, but
> i would like to know why the happens. might be because its not (or
> improperly declared)??

Yes -- the declaration of ctype changed from B20 to 1.1.x.


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