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RE: How to make an extension of Python

Jason wrote.

|On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 03:41:13PM +0900, Mitsuo Igarashi wrote:
|> I am trying to make an extension of Python-2.0 in Cygwin 1.1.4
|> on Windows98 for my trainig.
|I have created a patch that builds Cygwin Python with its core as
|a DLL -- similar to way that one builds Win32 Python.  After applying
|my patch and building Cygwin Python, making Cygwin Python extensions
|uses the same procedure as on any other UNIX platform that supports
|shared libraries.  It's as easy as copying Misc/,
|creating a file, make -f boot, make.
|The patch is done and ready to be posted.  What's holding me up is
|formulating a cogent email since I'm looking for feedback on my patch.
|My goal is to ultimately submit the patch (redone against Python CVS)
|to the Python patch collector.  I am hoping interested people will help
|me refine my patch before submittal.
|I will be posting my patch to the Cygwin and Python lists within the
|next week.  If you can't wait, then I can email it to you personally.

Thank you very mauch for your prompt response.

I like to know the patch as soon as possible.
I appreciate your emailing it to me personnally.

Thanks again.
Mitsuo Igarashi

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