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Re: [Perl 5.6]

"Gerrit P. Haase" wrote:
> Binary kit compiled with:
> cygipc-1.05
> gdbm-1.8.0-1
> db-2.7.7
> gcc-2.95.2
> make3.78.1
> cygwin-inst-20000325
> cygwin1.dll-20000328
> CYGWIN=binmodetty ntea nontsec
> sh  == bash 2.03.0(2)
> built and installed as a normal user (not Administrator)
> Point 1-5 is clear to me,
> cygwin-inst-date means the installation-date of your installation?

I built perl using a pre-release of cygwin-1.1.3. (or 1.1.1? ).  Anyway,
in order to get the build to work at all I had to use what was then a
"snapshot" -- because the older, stable cygwin did not allow a clean

Now, since that time, there have been three (five?) more point-releases
of the cygwin kernel.  Some incorporated the fixes that *previously*
necessitated the use of a snapshot.  Some incorporated further
improvements that either broke "stupid perl workarounds" or created the
possibility of improved perl operation if we took advantage of them.

There are a number of "post-perl-5.6.0" patches that you need in order
to build perl with a *new* cygwin dll (1.1.4 or 1.1.5).  You may safely
ignore the babble about "cygwin-inst-whatever" and

I've posted the patches to this list previously; search the archives....

> CYGWIN=binmode tty ntea nontsec

in your autoexec.bat (Win9x) do "set CYGWIN="binmode tty ntea nontsec"
-- read the cygwin documentation on the cygwin website for info on ntsec
and ntea BEFORE doing this.  Also, you may be able to use
"CYGWIN="binmode tty ntsec" instead of the above.

On WinNT, set CYGWIN in the Environment control panel (right-click 'My
Computer', etc...)

> sh == bash 2.03.0(2)

I replaced /bin/sh.exe with a copy of /bin/bash.exe.


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