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Re: [PORTS] Re: ps and psql from PostgreSQL not working with cygwin-1.1.5-2

On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 04:37:16PM -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I don't suppose that you can see any way to fix Cygwin to "do the right
> thing" can you?

I'm under the impression that Cygwin is "doing the right thing."  If I'm
misguided (yet again), then Cygwin should map WinSock WSAEWOULDBLOCK to
EINPROGRESS as in my second patch which is re-attached to this email.
This would behavior would at least match better with some man pages
for connect.  I'm not that experienced with sockets, so I don't know
what else this patch will break.


Jason Tishler
Director, Software Engineering       Phone: +1 (732) 264-8770 x235
Dot Hill Systems Corporation         Fax:   +1 (732) 264-8798
82 Bethany Road, Suite 7             Email:
Hazlet, NJ 07730 USA                 WWW:
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/winsup/cygwin/,v
retrieving revision 1.30
diff -u -r1.30
---	2000/10/28 05:41:43	1.30
+++	2000/11/02 17:15:53
@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@
 static struct tl errmap[] =

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