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RE: bison having ^M problems?

> From: Earnie Boyd []
> Yes that means binary mode.  However, if you look at the 
> output of cygcheck -s
> -r -v carefully you may see two records.  One in HKLM and one 
> in HKCU with
> different flag values.  HKCU takes precedence over HKLM.  
> HKLM keys are used to
> allow for multi-user workstations where more than one user 
> uses it.  Any
> changes a particular user makes to the mount tables should go 
> to the HKCU. 
> This allow HKLM to be the default for a new user.

    I'll check this out and set it straight - thanks for the

> > > > 
> > > > Good call.  This should be a FAQ -- or perhaps setup should set
> > > > cygdrive's mount mode to binary when 'Binary' is 
> selected for other
> > > > mounts?
> > > > 
> > 
> >     I vote for FAQ, whether or not setup gets changed, and 
> I'm not sure
> > that it should be changed.  Consider someone who likes the
> > naming scheme, uses binary mode for almost everything, and only
> > mount to mount drives in text mode.  If setup were to interpret the
> > mode flags, it would interpret incorrectly for such a user, 
> who would
> > have to reset the mount structure after every upgrade.  
> Also, you might
> > want to include the info on how to interpret the cygdrive 
> flags in the
> > FAQ.
> > 
> If setup had set /cygdrive to binary mode if UNIX files are 
> chosen then you
> wouldn't have had this problem and this thread wouldn't 
> exist.  Besides setup
> doesn't change what is already existing.  If it does it is a bug.

    For the record, setup didn't get me into this pickle, if I
understand correctly.  The problem is there because I installed 1.1.4
over 1.0 (yes, I'm proud to have purchased!), and the defaults for the
two were different.

> As for an entry in the FAQ, IIRC there is already discussion 
> of the /cygdrive
> pseudo mount.

    I'll look again.


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