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gcc 2.95.2-3 and cygwin 1.1.5-3

All I do is compile one of my favorite programs.
The experimental compile, the dll, and headers created
a three dimensional sound to my program. Great job,
Chris, DJ, and Corrina.
The latest multimedia headers really do work.
About the problems everyone is having. Is it possible
that having an older cygwin1.dll in the
c:\windows\systen directory causining it? Or an older
installation? Or someone not knowing precisely what
they are doing? (not programmer-wise, but user-wise)
I traced a problem my my was having last night night
with Netscape Communicator. I could only trace it back
to the Kernel32.dll, but it turned out that she was
closing Communicator prematurely and that was causing
a segment fault. She had several windows opened when
pressing the little X on the right hand side of the
screen. Because Netscape Communicator does not close
child processes when done, the parent gave an error in
Perhaps I need to write to Netscape to improve this or
correct on my own.
Also, in my program __cdecl is defined in the progran.
How i used the the __cdecl was use the following code

#if !defined(__MINGW32__)
#define __cdecl

and the code works,

The corrected verssion of gcc (2.95.2-3) produces a
much tighter binary. After my program was stripped, it
took 734 K of space.
Visual C/C++, same code, takes over 800 KB.

The program I am working on is Csound. Thanks to the
Cygwin Tools, I was able to get it to run on my mom's
K6 machine.

And the same binary takes second to write to 51 MB of
sound on a K6.

my Pentium 166 (before Pentium II, II, and IV) take 10
Good job, Chris. Cygwin 1.1.5-3 is running smooth

Robert McNulty Junior
Chief Programmer/System Administrar
Sherlock Audio Produictions
Robert McNulty Junior (C) 2000

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